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Adithya Colombo (Private) Limited pioneer 2019. Founder Ramjan Riyaal, a dynamic business idea to import and export trading business, recognized a need in the timeshare industry to offer better products and services. By balancing durability, value, and design, our team provide competitive service and affordable price with fast and reliable service to all our customer onetime.
Today, we are industry leaders of providing various products across the timeshare and extended-stay Hospitality industry. We continue to expand the quality and depth of service and products, while maintaining our focus on understanding the needs of each customer. We’ve refined our process for more than 12 years, allowing us to offer sophisticated products paired with exemplary customer service and a dependable distribution network.

Each day we strive to ensure that every one of our client relationships delivers on our original idea—that every customer can feel fast and reliable at an affordable price. We believe that it should be easy to satisfy and exceed customer expectations with consistent products by providing product that is value for money and experience time and again.

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Ramjan Riyaal | Managing Director

Mobile: +94-77 7309 035 / +94-77 7977 887